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Applications for membership of the Society is by completing the online application form.


Members must be individuals medically qualified and members of allied professions working in the field of SCI. Applicants must give proof of interest and activity in the treatment of patients with spinal cord afflictions or in research into a subject relating to SCI. Such proof may be in the form of a CV and may include any relevant publications. Applicants should be endorsed by an existing member of the Society. The annual membership fee is £45 and this includes online access to both our journals. Members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting which takes place every year during the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society. Members are able to purchase the printed journal at an additional cost.

Senior Members

Senior Members are Full Members who have retired from regular clinical practice but wish to be kept informed of the Society's activities. They do not have access to the journals and membership is free of charge. Applications for Senior membership are to be addressed to the Honorary Secretary.

Emeritus Members

Past officers of ISCoS or retired persons of distinction who have been full members of ISCoS may be eligible for election as Emeritus member of ISCoS.

Fellowship of ISCoS

A Fellow of the International Spinal Cord Society is a person who, by his/her professional achievement, integrity, reputation and activities as a member of ISCoS of no less than ten years standing, has, in the opinion of the Nominations Committee of ISCoS, contributed to a high degree to the objectives of the Society in the fields of research, prevention, education, medical and surgical management, advances in rehabilitation and/or social reintegration of persons with spinal cord lesions. Any member of the society may recommend such a person to be considered for a Fellowship of ISCoS.

Affiliated Members

A special category of affiliated membership is available to include regional and national societies working within the ISCoS area of interest. To qualify for affiliation a national or regional society shall consist predominantly of persons medically qualified in their own country as well as members of professions allied to medicine, whose professional activities are in accordance with the objectives of ISCoS. The Chair of a national or regional society who wishes to affiliate with ISCoS should apply in writing to the Honorary Secretary.

To apply for membership please click here.